Monday, July 26, 2010

NZ Part Two

This is Dunedin, great shopping there picked up an awesome pair of shoes which you will no doubt see in the future...

This is me and the boyfriend out at dinner (excuse my friend in the background). I'm wearing JeansWest pants (they're like tights), blouse from Valleygirl, Singlet by David Lawrence and Jacket from JayJays

This is me and my friend Tara out to dinner at the LoneStar in Queenstown. In this I am wearing white longsleeve shirt from ValleyGirl, Cardigan from Supre, and Orange Scarf from this shop in Queenstown with Yeti in the name of it. It is my new favourite scarf because it just brightens up whatever I'm wearing...
Also I'm assuming I'm wearing pants in this photo... :)

Me and some of my friends getting ready to go out for Chinese (which tasted horrible by the way, so very disappointing)

Finally, me tearing it up on the slopes :)


  1. Oh wow, what made you choose to come to NZ? Would you believe I live here and have only ever been to the tip of the South Island? Tragic!!

  2. It looks like you have such an amazing life and group of friends!! Lucky girl! xoxoxoxo

  3. ahh!! i went to nz about two months ago as part of a round the world trip and its SOOO amazing and beautiful. you look like you're having alot of fun :) im new to blogging too, keep posting!!


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