Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wishlist...

Ah so many wants of the fashionable kind...
So much that I want, not enough money...
This is why I'm needing a job...
1. Rings of the Skull and Turquoise kind

2. Black Jumpsuit!
Obviously the one Lady GaGa is wearing only in black

3. White dress and cropped light denim jacket
courtesy goes to karla's closet for this image, she has such incredible clothing

4. Torn jeans, i have a few pairs oj jeans i have been meaning to do this to, any one have any tips?

Courtesy to Isabelle behind Bohemian Musings for this image, she too has gourgeous style and clothes

5. This hairstyle!
Once I get some of my own money I am planning to do something like this to my hair, have never dyed my hair before so it will be an interesting experience....

Believe me this isn't even close to the actual list of clothes I want, I have a written list of over 40 items, and over 150 images on my computer of outfits and clothes which was narrowed down out of over 1000 images of stuff that I like......lord help me hahah, obsession much!!



  1. with the torn jeans, get a box cutter razor or a cheese grader and just drag it across the denim. not like your cutting into it just sliding it across the fabric, for about 2 hours haha and you'll start to get an amazing distress.

    check this out

    wolves and sparklers

  2. haha i just got your thank you comment! no problem lady.:) i love reading stuff like yours.. becaues its real.

  3. i've definitely been wanting a cropped denim jacket too!


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