Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm slightly over winter, but not just ready for summer, so I think spring is going to be a good transition period. It will still be cold enough to layer up on jeans, jackets, cardigans and scarves, yet hot enough some days to wear shorts and skirts.
Silly mum banned me from buying anymore clothes after I came back from New Zealand, this was silly for two reasons
1) it made me want to buy clothes even more: and
2) its made me miss the whole shopping experience ever so much
Luckily! I am going into the city with some friends this Saturday for some well deserved shopping, mum has given me permission to buy the things that i desperately need, and I am on limited funds. But I have so many things I desperately need, sigh.
Also I will be coming into some extra money fairly soon because I got the job I went on the interview for! It must've been what I was wearing haha. So I am very much looking forward to that.

I have a sudden craving for head scarves, I need to raid my grandmothers collection. Am looking for something more colorful and silky unlike the one in the below photo.

So Spring! You are missed and so badly wanted...

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