Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the recent weeks....

Nothing to fabulous has happened in my life, I haven't worn anything too spectacular nor have I taken many photos, just been busy busy busy!
Looking forward to my school holidays soon when I will definately have some more free time!

These photos are from a recent project of mine, where I've hacked off the legs of a pair of jeans that didn't agree with my body...

And now they're a beautiful pair of torn shorts :)

This ring is a recent purchase of mine, I call it my knuckle duster, I love it, its so cool. (from Sportsgirl)

Another recent purchase, I got my ear pierced, again! I love it and can't wait to buy some earrings for it!

This is what I wore to my boyfriends battle of the bands type concert. They played fantastically and they got into the finals! Which I hope I can go to if i can get off work.....

I wore Jay Jays jeans and jacket and a skull shirt from Kookai, as well as the blue shoes from a previous post.

Hope you all enjoy your week!


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