Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Parade

Tonight I was lucky enough to be backstage at one of the shows from fashion week in my city, I was working for one of the designers and helped dress the models. I had so much fun, it was so great to see the garments that all the other designers have come up with. I got some great ideas from it and some wonderful memories. Last night I went through my whole wardrobe to see what I could possibly wear, I came up with a bunch of different outfits because I had no idea what the norm was for the people backstage.

This is what I ended up wearing, my tight pants from Jeans West, white shirt from Picnic (borrowed from my aunt), gold necklace from Country Road, and jacket from Supre. I felt rather fabulous in what I wore and had so much fun on the night!


  1. It's great you got a chance to go backstage - which fw is this? and i love all your outfits!

  2. backstage at fw is so fun! love the all black outfit with the necklace


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