Saturday, October 23, 2010

Owlita....OH MY GOD

Tonight I discovered the most beautiful of websites that sell the most beautiful of earrings, this website my friends is The founder and designer Ashley Doty is an artistic genius. The earrings she makes are fun, stunning and crazy. Full of fabulous feathers, these earrings look like coloured hair extensions, they are that huge! Upon finding the pair I want, I then began begging my mum to buy them for me for christmas. I can't buy them myself because I have made a pact with myself not to spend any money for 3 months cos I have spent wayyyy too much recently, wish me luck haha.

These are a few of my favourite pairs I'm in love with the colours of this pair, would be great for a party!
I don't know what these remind me of, but they make me think about sitting around a bonfire for some reason.
I love this blue, and I reckon they would look cool on me, but the only thing is that my hair is dark so they wouldn't be a very 'statement' piece
Simple black and white is always great, but I love COLOUR
These are just amaazing, that pinky red is just WOW, but they were a bit too expensive for my price range. But I'm still in love with them. I can just imagine wearing these with an all black punk rock outfit.
These here are the pair I want, they remind me of a tigers' fur, so they give me a wild jungle feeling. I would be eternally greatful to my mum if she gets me these for christmas, so fingers crossed!
Speaking of christmas, I think I might do a post soon on my christmas list of gifts I desire :)
Have a lovely week!!

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