Sunday, October 17, 2010

The September Issue

After seeing the documentary The September Issue I knew that I just had to buy the issue for this year. And this is it! I photograhed some of my favourite images to show you all.
I love the hair and I love the boots, this would be such a great simple outfit to wear out anyday.

The ads for Juicy Couture are full of crazyness and colour and great clothes. Everything looks so fun and vibrant!

A bit of criticism with this one, all jeans that have embellishment like this or flowery prints always remind me of clothes that a 10 year old would wear. But to say something good I love the colours of the shirt and I love the collar of the jacket.

I am absolutely in awe of this vest, its just incredible, there are simply no words to describe it, all I can say is that I want one!!

This image is so great, the message that fashion is art is fabulous. I love the hair of the model and the simple draping of the suit.

There is just something about these images that draws me to them everytime. The colouring and the painted silk are just so beautiful and feminine. I think the hair and fake eyelashes are funky and fun, it makes me wonder how I would look if I had hair like this.

The womans' entire outfit in this ad just makes me drool, the simple white tee, the grey baggy pants, and of course that jacket, that fur collar and draping, thats a piece I would be proud to have in my closet and wear.

Finally, an advertisement by Chanel, I absolutely love their new collection and all the fur pieces look like so much fun! I want a pair of those fluffy knee high boots that you can see on this website;

Hope you all enjoy your week!


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