Friday, November 26, 2010


Sorry for the shocking photo, all I have is my phone at the moment. I am wearing my refuge denim shorts, antique necklace from my grandmother, and brand spanking new blouse from bluejuice that I got today.
I wore this to my two little cousins school disco this evening, and it was so adorable to see them dancing up a storm amongst what felt like a million other children. It was an hour and a half of dozens of children running, screaming, at times dancing, but through all that I was still happy to be there to see my cousins having an awesome time.
Anyway, back to my reading!


So at the moment I have started reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I've almost finished part one where she is in Italy, and just reading about her experiences is making me want to just drop everything here at home and whisk myself away to Italy to just enjoy myself!
So speaking of Italy I had a quick look at Valentinos' latest collection and am sharing with you today some of my favourite items. I chose these garments based on my own personal style, these are the looks I like out of all the others. But thats just me!

Today I'm going out shopping with my dad then my boyfriend, so it's gonna be fun!! Hope you all have a great day too!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Today I spent a wonderful day with my mum out shopping, we went to this little recycled clothing store where all the rich people send their clothes when they dont want them anymore, and I was surprised at how modern some of the clothes there were! They had such a great selection of jackets, shirts, jewellery and dresses, could've been better with the skirts and pants but oh well. There I picked up two dresses both of which you will no doubt see in the future. One of them I just need to alter to make the hem shorter. I'm also working on another DIY project which I'll try to finish soonish and post.
What I wore today: Denim shorts from Refuge, White Tee from Finito, Sandals from Betts, and scarf from New Zealand. This is a staple outfit of mine, and it was perfect for todays odd weather, not too hot or cold.

This my friends is my Chanel imitation handbag which I LOVE, taking it everywhere and tying scarves to it to change its looks, its great.

While shopping I picked out a few of my christmas presents as no one in my family knows what to get me haha, and you'll see them all when I'm supposed to get them.

Have a wonderful week


Friday, November 19, 2010


So I haven't posted in a while, I've had my end of year exams which I think I did awesome in, sounds vain, but I believe in thinking positively about yourself when you know you've done something good. I promised in a previous post that I'd post about my christmas list, so here it is!
There are always a couple of DVDs I want each year, and this year they include Romeo + Juliet which I watched for the first time this year and fell in LOVE with, I also want the complete collection of Friends, Salt, Juno, Eclipse, Fired Up and Valkyrie - and probably others I just can't think of right now.

I've been wanting this Tiffany & Co for a long time, but I think it may be too pricey for my parents, but I can still want can't I? I've already shown my mum this and I doubt she's going to get it for me, yet I've seen some of the photos it's produces, and it looks amazing. Its a $90 fish-eye lens camera from , I've been wanting a fish eye lens for a while now, and this particular produces the quality of images I love. It only takes film however which will probably be a problem for me moneywise to buy and develop.

These next few items are from the Forever21 online store, with the Australian dollar rocking the American dollar (sorry America) these items would be relatively cheap to buy, yay!!

I want the vinyl shorts this girl is wearing but I can't find them anywhere on the site!! Which is extremely annoying as I've been looking for a pair for ages.

I have a deep love for scarves :)
The next items are from Sportsgirl, which have some really great items right now!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I apologize for my already lengthy absence, I have been so busy with school in preparation for exams its not funny, and this absence is going to continue for just two more weeks until I am completely finished with school for this year and my exams will be well and truly over. I'll be on my holidays where I'll no doubt wear some outfits I'll take pics of and find more inspiration. Very exciting news for the holidays is that I get to do some work experience at a fashion designers studio which is just going to be amazing!
I'll leave you for now with my current inspiration in the form of a song "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie. I would post the video on here but I am not that tech savvy so just follow my youtube link and watch it there!
This song is just so sweet and peaceful, and makes me feel so special being who I am. The video for it is quite amazing and you can't take your eye away from it, it just captivates you. Also Oren Lavie is gorrrrrgeous ahahah.
Enjoy, and wish me luck for my exams!!