Monday, November 22, 2010


Today I spent a wonderful day with my mum out shopping, we went to this little recycled clothing store where all the rich people send their clothes when they dont want them anymore, and I was surprised at how modern some of the clothes there were! They had such a great selection of jackets, shirts, jewellery and dresses, could've been better with the skirts and pants but oh well. There I picked up two dresses both of which you will no doubt see in the future. One of them I just need to alter to make the hem shorter. I'm also working on another DIY project which I'll try to finish soonish and post.
What I wore today: Denim shorts from Refuge, White Tee from Finito, Sandals from Betts, and scarf from New Zealand. This is a staple outfit of mine, and it was perfect for todays odd weather, not too hot or cold.

This my friends is my Chanel imitation handbag which I LOVE, taking it everywhere and tying scarves to it to change its looks, its great.

While shopping I picked out a few of my christmas presents as no one in my family knows what to get me haha, and you'll see them all when I'm supposed to get them.

Have a wonderful week


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