Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To all a goodnight

A late merry christmas to you all! I hope you had lovely days and nights with wonderful people and great food! I know I did, and I scored well with the presents too :P and here some of them are!!
I loveee Jaws, mainly because I love sharks I think they're actually my most favourite animal, I watched Jaws 3 for the first time the other day and it was okay except for the effects which were laughable, and I also watched Jaws; The Revenge with my family the other night and it has got to be the worst out of all of them with only 2 people getting eaten, 1 person being attacked and amazingly surviving and many dream attacks. It was so bad, but pretty scenery haha.
These skull things are for the tires on my car, which I cannot drive yet as I do not have my license, so my little car sits in the garage waiting for me to pounce!
Got this charm from my nan because I saw it at her house and wanted it haha, so now I have it and need to buy a long chain to put it on!
I got the ring!!! WOO its sooooo awesome, I love it, however it turns my finger green oh wellllll
Starting from the left is a gold link bracelet from sportsgirl, next is fake diamond bracelet from my loveely boyfriend, next is this amazing watch by Fossil it is so beautiful, and the last bracelet I bought for myself while the post xmas sales are on from diva, I just love the colours of the plastic stones haha
I finally have a giant black floppy hat that I have been dreaming of for months now, its perfect.
Last but not least my OWLITA earrings, they are amazing and I went OMG when i opened up my present and saw them there, they are the most amazing earrings in the whole world and you should all get a pair, just wow.
I got some other pressies too, as well as some clothes and I would've modelled them but I got stung by a jellyfish the other day and my body is still recovering, its covered in horrible red welts, stupid sensitive skin. Anyways, its my boyfriends birthday today so I'm going to his house today to spend time with him, I hope he likes his present!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Theres a leg on my wall

So my dad found an old wooden mannequin on the side of the road and bought it home. Then I had the brilliant and kooky idea of turning one of the legs into a wall hanging for my necklaces which I did today! Looks awesome hey.
The neckalce on the far left I just bought the other day from Temt.

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holey Moley

Inspired by Karla Deras from Karlas Closet and her holey black wool jumper, I decided to buy me something for myself along the same lines as it.

Wearing black jumper from Valleygirl, over black singlet by David Lawrence and my favourite Refuge Denim shorts.Also wearing an old gold necklace I kept for myself from my grandmas' collection.


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been enjoying my school holidays instead haha.
The other day I went over to my grandads house to pick up some old scarves and jewellery that my grandma used to own. So I guess its not really stolen.
So here are my picks from her huge collection.