Friday, July 30, 2010

Silk and Beads

This silk flower design was done by someone else that used to go to my school, but left it behind as scrap so I took it (heehee) and sewed it onto an old singlet that I had at home that I never wear. I blanket stitched around the edge of the fabric, then did other stitch detailing around the edge, and then sewed some small yellow beads onto the silk design.
I love it so much now that I desperately need to get some silk and inks and do some of my designs, its such a great way to dress up what would otherwise be a plain, boring shirt.

Am wearing my Forever New pants, they so purtyyy :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Badges I've Made

I go through times where I have an obsession for something, right now its blogging as you can probabaly tell, I'm posting something every 5 seconds haha
But late last year I went through a phase of making my own badges to style up an outfit, and they're really handy so I thought I would show you some of them.
I get a lot of ideas from where they sell a bunch of creative and funky stuff!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wishlist...

Ah so many wants of the fashionable kind...
So much that I want, not enough money...
This is why I'm needing a job...
1. Rings of the Skull and Turquoise kind

2. Black Jumpsuit!
Obviously the one Lady GaGa is wearing only in black

3. White dress and cropped light denim jacket
courtesy goes to karla's closet for this image, she has such incredible clothing

4. Torn jeans, i have a few pairs oj jeans i have been meaning to do this to, any one have any tips?

Courtesy to Isabelle behind Bohemian Musings for this image, she too has gourgeous style and clothes

5. This hairstyle!
Once I get some of my own money I am planning to do something like this to my hair, have never dyed my hair before so it will be an interesting experience....

Believe me this isn't even close to the actual list of clothes I want, I have a written list of over 40 items, and over 150 images on my computer of outfits and clothes which was narrowed down out of over 1000 images of stuff that I like......lord help me hahah, obsession much!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

NZ Part Two

This is Dunedin, great shopping there picked up an awesome pair of shoes which you will no doubt see in the future...

This is me and the boyfriend out at dinner (excuse my friend in the background). I'm wearing JeansWest pants (they're like tights), blouse from Valleygirl, Singlet by David Lawrence and Jacket from JayJays

This is me and my friend Tara out to dinner at the LoneStar in Queenstown. In this I am wearing white longsleeve shirt from ValleyGirl, Cardigan from Supre, and Orange Scarf from this shop in Queenstown with Yeti in the name of it. It is my new favourite scarf because it just brightens up whatever I'm wearing...
Also I'm assuming I'm wearing pants in this photo... :)

Me and some of my friends getting ready to go out for Chinese (which tasted horrible by the way, so very disappointing)

Finally, me tearing it up on the slopes :)

NZ Part One

So beautiful, this was an old mine at the top of the place where we went for our jetboat ride!

This is me enjoying myself (obviously) in the hottest ski jacket known to man (why did they do this to me!?) luckily my aunts fluro pink gloves matched it perfectly...

On the way up to Mount Hutt Ski Slopes

Arriving on the plane! I was so excited that I took over 50 shots of just cloud and mountains.

More mountains!

Just thought I'd post some lovely pictures from my school new zealand trip...
Had the most incredible time, it was so much fun.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello people out there who have so kindly bothered to read my blog!
I have decided to conform, join all of you other lovely people out there who blog about fashion, I've read a dozen other blogs religiously for a long time and have always tried to build up the courage to start my own! Well now I have and I hope you all enjoy it because I will certainly have fun creating it.
Much Love