Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yes I know that everyone and their best friend has this bag cos I've seen it everywhere!
It just looks so perfect, like it will fit all the necessities. However I don't have the type of wallet that has endless amounts of money falling out of it, so does anyone know of an imitation company or website that makes them and will ship to Australia??
Any help is much appreciated!


After spending the day at the beach with some friends, I felt inspired to check out some new swimwear even though I already have two good pairs of bathers, but it can't hurt to look right?

I thought that the black and white of this one piece was really cool and would make my body look longer, but I also thought it would give me a really weird tan...

Thought that this geometric design was really simple and would never go out of style...
I love tight fitting, bodice like clothing, and I thought these bathers resembled that, however I think something more colourful would be more fun for summer...

Mink Pink have some great bathers and clothes this season and I love the tie dye effect that they have used for their bathers, as well as the psycadellic (is that how you spell it?!) feel in the first piece...

I have been looking for a swimsuit like this for ages!! I just think it would be so funky and different from all the usual things people are wearing these days...
Finally Blake Lively in a simple black one piece suit that looks great and figure hugging.
Now to picture myself in each swimsuit and to choose one that I'll wish for this summer...
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Polyvore Part 2

Terribly sorry, but I just could not help myself, I just had to do another post on I've spent all of this morning coming up with different looks and wishing I had every single item on that website! I need money quick to go shopping haha

Sunday, September 26, 2010


So as I've started my school holidays on a high by getting sick, yay, I have been spending hours watching Gossip Girl and Friends and having fun on
Seriously one of the best sites ever, there are so many clothes and jewellery that I wish I could have! These are a few of the outfits I've come up with so far...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Parade

Tonight I was lucky enough to be backstage at one of the shows from fashion week in my city, I was working for one of the designers and helped dress the models. I had so much fun, it was so great to see the garments that all the other designers have come up with. I got some great ideas from it and some wonderful memories. Last night I went through my whole wardrobe to see what I could possibly wear, I came up with a bunch of different outfits because I had no idea what the norm was for the people backstage.

This is what I ended up wearing, my tight pants from Jeans West, white shirt from Picnic (borrowed from my aunt), gold necklace from Country Road, and jacket from Supre. I felt rather fabulous in what I wore and had so much fun on the night!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the recent weeks....

Nothing to fabulous has happened in my life, I haven't worn anything too spectacular nor have I taken many photos, just been busy busy busy!
Looking forward to my school holidays soon when I will definately have some more free time!

These photos are from a recent project of mine, where I've hacked off the legs of a pair of jeans that didn't agree with my body...

And now they're a beautiful pair of torn shorts :)

This ring is a recent purchase of mine, I call it my knuckle duster, I love it, its so cool. (from Sportsgirl)

Another recent purchase, I got my ear pierced, again! I love it and can't wait to buy some earrings for it!

This is what I wore to my boyfriends battle of the bands type concert. They played fantastically and they got into the finals! Which I hope I can go to if i can get off work.....

I wore Jay Jays jeans and jacket and a skull shirt from Kookai, as well as the blue shoes from a previous post.

Hope you all enjoy your week!