Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am here

So it looks like I had taken an extensive leave of absence from the blog for a while, and I am deeply sorry, my life got a bit crazy the past few days, weeks, with sickness and copious amounts of schoolwork. Its been stifling hot here in Australia the past few days and its driving everyone insane!! Its so uncomfortable and I am longing for winter! I want to be able to layer my clothing again!!
I went shopping today with my mum, and I wore an oldie but a goodie outfit. Over sized shirt from Witchery, Refuge denim shorts, vintage belt.
I walked into Sportsgirl and nearly died, the clothing they have in store and the accessories that have just come in are actually to die for, it took so much strength not to run around the store going I WANT THIS AND THIS AND THIS!

I have a friends' birthday party tonight, the theme being leather and feathers, so I'll make sure to take a photo of my outfit to show you all.

Have a lovely weekend!


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