Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Action shots

Here are some pictures from the party I went to on Saturday night, it was so much fun, I had a blast with my best friends, had a thousand slushies, danced Beyonces' single ladies dance and got a cheer (I felt proud), and just enjoyed the night!
it was a leather and feathers theme so I went for a bit of a boho chic look with leather shorts by Bettina Liano which I bought that day and am in love with, they were a bit expensive, but they just fit so nice and I had been looking for the perfect pair so I thought why not! I also wore a tie-dye look shirt by Decjuba, my mum actually bought it but I stole it hehe. And of course keeping with the theme I wore my lovely Owlita earrings! As soon as I walked in all my friends rushed towards me and started stroking my earrings!! ahaha it was very funny.

A couple of nice pictures with my friends Tara and Erin here! I had so much fun, definately a night to remember!


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