Friday, April 29, 2011



and yes i did shed a tear when william turned to her and said you look beautiful

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello everyoneee

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Friday, April 22, 2011


So this is what I bought on my little shopping spree the other day, as you can see there is a common colour theme that I did not realize until I got home. Oh well, a change from the black I usually wear.

Clockwise from the top left is a little leopard print jacket from Sportsgirl, it was on sale so I was happy. I've worn it the past two days and I definately makes a difference to what would usually be a boring outfit of a white tee and jeans.

Next is a flower corset from Roads, I had been looking for the perfect one for a few weeks and I finally did. Even though its coming up to winter I'll probably just then pair it up with a cardigan or jacket.

Next is a lovely knit scarf that I got from this surf warehouse sale thing it was only $4.50 so I was very very happy, it's awesome and chunky, I just need the weather to be cold enough to wear it.

Speaking of cold enough weather, my new knit dress/jumper from Sportsgirl is amazing and I cannot wait to wear it, I think I might buy an awesome pair of patterned black stockings to wear with it.

On top of the knit dress is a nice new pair of sunglasses from Cotton On, I have so many pairs of sunnies but I get so bored with them easily so I am always changing them. They are a really nice brown colour with gold frames which match my hair.

Finally is this long blouse from Chicabooti, it too was on sale so I was pleased. It looked a bit old ladyish but I was curious to try it on so I did and I thought it looked really good, very different to what I normally wear. One fault is that it looks like something my mum would wear and now I fear I am turning into my mother -.-

This is my dream catcher, ever since I got it I have not had a bad dream that I have remembered or woken up from feeling sad or scared. I seriously think they work. I kinda want to get a new one thats a bit more tribally or whatever but I'm afraid that if I change it, it won't work. Or does that just make me sound crazy?

I talk too much


Thursday, April 21, 2011

A ridiculously long title for a ridiculously long post

So the original plan was to have all these images in some logical order but Blogger is being a little biatch tonight and won't let me move pictures or cut in paste text so now I'm cheesed off



Excuse me for the really long post, its just been awhile since I've posted and all of a sudden I have so much to say and share.

I've just started my school holidays after 12 weeks of slave labour and it's the most amazing feeling, like pulling on your favourite pyjamas and just curling up in a warm bed, carefree.

Yesterday I went shopping with my best friend and bought many cute items spending copious amounts of money along the way, but they all seem so worth it. Now I'm telling myself that I don't need anymore clothes for winter but silly me sees new and exciting things on the internet and I immediately fall in love.

Currently I am listening to 'Someone Like You' by Adele. She is too amazing.

I spent today with my friends in a cafe eating churros, if you don't know what they are, google them, they are amazing.

I've been wearing make up the past two days which has been fun since I don't often wear it as i usually cannot be bothered, but I've kept it simple and only done eyeliner and lipstick. I've done my eyes like this and they look pretty good in my opinion, I will have to take a photo.
I know winter is coming up where I live but these scalloped shorts seem totally necessary (not really, but they're so pretty)

I was a little rebellious teenager on the weekend and got another piercing, my last I'm hoping, I think piercings are too cool. I love my tragus piercing its so cute and I love the little diamond.

I bought a dress like this yesterday! Now all I need is the fur bag....

At first I was firmly against these types of shirts with the shoulders bare, they just seemed ridiculous to me. But now I'm quite liking the look, the shirts that are in silk seem so floaty and girlie, and the denim so casual but stylish.

Her hair is perfect, tomorrow I'm going to straighten my hair and attempt to make it look like this. I hope..

Isnt this dress so cute!!!! I just love the bow. I think I may have to construct one of my own rather soon.

This bra is amazing. I would wear this under oversized white t-shirts. Or be random and go to a rave and watch the light bounce off it like a disco ball...

I think this necklace is actually amazing, its just cool. No other words can describe it. Mum thinks I'm insane, again..

This is just awesome. I'm doing this next time I go to the beach and getting a photo of it.

I love love love chunky knits right now, but considering I just brought a knit sweater dress yesterday, is it completely irrational to buy a cardigan just like it?

I want a tutu. Why? Because they're girlie and cute. But really what could I wear it with, I think I would be too nervous to wear it out in fear of people thinking I'm a lost ballerina.

I need a wardrobe, a giant one. Actually a room dedicated to clothes. No wait an entire house dedicated to clothes. I am sick and tired of the cramped space in my 1.3 width closet that houses hardly anything.

I brought a shirt similar to this yesterday, its black though but still has the same flower pattern. I feel a bit out of fashion though as everyone was wearing them a few months ago and now I am only just feeling the hype. But maybe thats a good thing, I'll be the only one wearing it.

Endless legs would be amazing. An extra 5 inches of height wouldn't be too bad either. Hear that body?

Another pic that inspired me to get a knit dress, LOVEEEE

Goodnight all, this post has taken too long to write and I'm tired.

Until we meet again


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Screams on the inside

AHMIGASH! I am so lame and only just discovered that on the Owlita facebook page they did a post about me and what I said about them on my blog!! YIPPEEE!! gosh i am so happpyy!!

love! xx

Monday, April 11, 2011


I need new life in me. I too tired and need to relax, switch off for a while.

love xx

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today is my brothers 15th Birthday so I've spent all day cooking for afternoon tea with my family! I made this really awesome chocolate cake, it started overflowing in the oven but all is well! Cannot wait to try it out! Wearing some nice new clothes I bought last weekend; super skinny cropped jeans by Roxy , though they don't look cropped because I'm so short, so really they're the perfect length for me! And a really simple cropped black shirt by Billabong, theres a really cool Aztec pattern on the front but you can't see it in the photo.


that is all :)


Friday, April 8, 2011

i heart it

Hello everyonee, sorry its been a while since i posted, life is unexplainably crazy at the moment and i dont see it ending, ah the joys of final year of high school. I actually cannot wait until I have graduated, six more months really and I'll finally be able to start living my life! I am so excited I get butterflies every time I think about it, I'll be able to concentrate on blogging a lot more, be able to wear whatever clothes I want whenever, I can start trying to work my way into the fashion industy, I feel like nothing will hold me back, I just have to get through these last few months!

My best friend introduced me to this website calle it is absolutely amazing. It has photos on everything and I have spent hours just going through the fashion images and I just feel completely inspired, all I want to do is go shopping and play dress up! I have saved hundreds of images to my computer and I'm sharing a couple with you that are just some of the ones I find amazing.

We've been having horrible weather here in my part of Australia, its just been hot all the time! Summer has dragged on for months and yes yes I do love the heat and going to the beach, but its not fun when you have to sit inside a classroom for half a day. Finally we are getting some rain which I am very thankful for! I can finally wear long pants again and scarves, I've missed layering!!! I cannot wait until winter, or my school holidays coming up, I think I'm going to get my tragus pierced with my friend, google it if you dont know what it is haha. I am so pumped!!

That was a lot for you to read haha