Friday, April 22, 2011


So this is what I bought on my little shopping spree the other day, as you can see there is a common colour theme that I did not realize until I got home. Oh well, a change from the black I usually wear.

Clockwise from the top left is a little leopard print jacket from Sportsgirl, it was on sale so I was happy. I've worn it the past two days and I definately makes a difference to what would usually be a boring outfit of a white tee and jeans.

Next is a flower corset from Roads, I had been looking for the perfect one for a few weeks and I finally did. Even though its coming up to winter I'll probably just then pair it up with a cardigan or jacket.

Next is a lovely knit scarf that I got from this surf warehouse sale thing it was only $4.50 so I was very very happy, it's awesome and chunky, I just need the weather to be cold enough to wear it.

Speaking of cold enough weather, my new knit dress/jumper from Sportsgirl is amazing and I cannot wait to wear it, I think I might buy an awesome pair of patterned black stockings to wear with it.

On top of the knit dress is a nice new pair of sunglasses from Cotton On, I have so many pairs of sunnies but I get so bored with them easily so I am always changing them. They are a really nice brown colour with gold frames which match my hair.

Finally is this long blouse from Chicabooti, it too was on sale so I was pleased. It looked a bit old ladyish but I was curious to try it on so I did and I thought it looked really good, very different to what I normally wear. One fault is that it looks like something my mum would wear and now I fear I am turning into my mother -.-

This is my dream catcher, ever since I got it I have not had a bad dream that I have remembered or woken up from feeling sad or scared. I seriously think they work. I kinda want to get a new one thats a bit more tribally or whatever but I'm afraid that if I change it, it won't work. Or does that just make me sound crazy?

I talk too much


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