Friday, April 8, 2011

i heart it

Hello everyonee, sorry its been a while since i posted, life is unexplainably crazy at the moment and i dont see it ending, ah the joys of final year of high school. I actually cannot wait until I have graduated, six more months really and I'll finally be able to start living my life! I am so excited I get butterflies every time I think about it, I'll be able to concentrate on blogging a lot more, be able to wear whatever clothes I want whenever, I can start trying to work my way into the fashion industy, I feel like nothing will hold me back, I just have to get through these last few months!

My best friend introduced me to this website calle it is absolutely amazing. It has photos on everything and I have spent hours just going through the fashion images and I just feel completely inspired, all I want to do is go shopping and play dress up! I have saved hundreds of images to my computer and I'm sharing a couple with you that are just some of the ones I find amazing.

We've been having horrible weather here in my part of Australia, its just been hot all the time! Summer has dragged on for months and yes yes I do love the heat and going to the beach, but its not fun when you have to sit inside a classroom for half a day. Finally we are getting some rain which I am very thankful for! I can finally wear long pants again and scarves, I've missed layering!!! I cannot wait until winter, or my school holidays coming up, I think I'm going to get my tragus pierced with my friend, google it if you dont know what it is haha. I am so pumped!!

That was a lot for you to read haha



  1. oh blogger coincidence! my last post today was titled "i heart it" too haha. weheartit is great, isn't it? its so convenient! i know exactly how you're feeling about graduation excitement b.c i'm totally feeling it right now too! i'm finished in less than two months though, but six really isn't long either since the year just goes by so fast!

  2. Wish it was as warm here all the time!


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