Friday, May 20, 2011

pretty people

Always apologizing about lack of posting but year 12 and life just sucks right now. a lot of people in my group are fighting and the stress of year 12 and exams is just killing everyone.

My uniform these days just seems to be trackpants and whatever shirt i find on the floor of my messy room, not very classy i know. but i have no where to go to dress up! which is sad.

just sharing my fave pictures for this week!!

i want tonnes of candles in my house when im older!!!
i learnt how to do this braid, i suck tho :(

in need of a white blazer

lots of bracelets and knitted shorts would be awesome but no cheap shop here in australia sells anything like them :(

doesn't blake lively look gorgeous! i love everything she wears, and practically everyone in the fashion industry is just eating her up haha

Well back to study, UGHHH hate school life :(


Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Notebook

So I watched The Notebook fully for the first time last night.

It now has to be added to the list of movies I have actually balled my eyes out in, SO SO SAD BUT SO GOOD BUT UGH OVERLOAD OF EMOTIONS.

that was pretty much me throughtout the whole movie, at parts i wanted to destroy allies mum for being a cow, and i was sad when allie had to go home, and i cried when old noah cried and SO MUCH SADNESS. ugh.

It was such a beautiful movie with obviously lots of memorable quotes. Unfortunately I can tell that its given me a false outlook on what I want love to be, because I want just this, minus all the crappy dementia evil mother type things. But then I think that this is movie world where everything has some sort of happy ending, not reality, and reality is a pain in the ass where this type of love hardly happens.

Such a bleak outlook on life.

But I can dream of a Noah one day can't I? haha

My best friend showed me this last image after I told her I was watching the movie, and I have to admit I may have stopped breathing for a moment haha.

Bye all!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

wishing in pictures

In days of homework and stress, I found a few moments to find some inspiring pics, just sharing some of my favourites with you. I have so much going on in my life at the moment with school and getting ready for mid-year exams, its so very difficult and I will be so happy when this year is over. I've been looking at the pics from RAFW and I was really impressed with the collections and loved most of them, people are so clever haha.

Wish you all an enjoyable weekend


Friday, May 6, 2011


Once again I have been a lazy blogger, and i dont really have excuses i was actually just being lazy and enjoying the remainder of my school holidays before being thrown back into it. Here is a few pics that I've found during many hours of looking on the internet...

So gorgeous, i love the feathers
I so so sooo badly want a ring like this, that would be amazingggggg. It would make the best cocktail ring.

Long hairy shawl thing, yes please!

Rosie...too gorgeous this girl is!