Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Notebook

So I watched The Notebook fully for the first time last night.

It now has to be added to the list of movies I have actually balled my eyes out in, SO SO SAD BUT SO GOOD BUT UGH OVERLOAD OF EMOTIONS.

that was pretty much me throughtout the whole movie, at parts i wanted to destroy allies mum for being a cow, and i was sad when allie had to go home, and i cried when old noah cried and SO MUCH SADNESS. ugh.

It was such a beautiful movie with obviously lots of memorable quotes. Unfortunately I can tell that its given me a false outlook on what I want love to be, because I want just this, minus all the crappy dementia evil mother type things. But then I think that this is movie world where everything has some sort of happy ending, not reality, and reality is a pain in the ass where this type of love hardly happens.

Such a bleak outlook on life.

But I can dream of a Noah one day can't I? haha

My best friend showed me this last image after I told her I was watching the movie, and I have to admit I may have stopped breathing for a moment haha.

Bye all!


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