Friday, May 20, 2011

pretty people

Always apologizing about lack of posting but year 12 and life just sucks right now. a lot of people in my group are fighting and the stress of year 12 and exams is just killing everyone.

My uniform these days just seems to be trackpants and whatever shirt i find on the floor of my messy room, not very classy i know. but i have no where to go to dress up! which is sad.

just sharing my fave pictures for this week!!

i want tonnes of candles in my house when im older!!!
i learnt how to do this braid, i suck tho :(

in need of a white blazer

lots of bracelets and knitted shorts would be awesome but no cheap shop here in australia sells anything like them :(

doesn't blake lively look gorgeous! i love everything she wears, and practically everyone in the fashion industry is just eating her up haha

Well back to study, UGHHH hate school life :(


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