Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shiny and New

I have been having the worst trouble with Blogger at the moment so this post is a day late. Here are just a few pics of new shiny things I have aquired recently.

I got this vest from an op shop for $5, and then added the studs from an old belt I had.
New earrings from Bardot

Finally an awesome cuff that doesn't feel annoying on my arm from Diva

My boyfriend bought me this one from this awesome new jewellery shop called Lovisa

I have been looking everywhere for this bag, I couldn't order it online because Zara doesn't ship to Australia, and the Australian stores didn't have it, and those who post it on eBay just double the price, but......

I found this lookalike clutch at a store called Love Couture! I was so happy when I found it, plus it was a cheaper version too which is always good :)



  1. ohhh i love the jean vest, your blog is so lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)

  2. i love it all!! it reminds it that i need to find a sequin clutch!

  3. Ohhhh such an amazing blog, I'm in love with the photos!!
    You got yourself a new follower :))


  4. cool blog!!! ;)

  5. great selection love this clutch too


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