Friday, July 8, 2011

birthday girl

So i have been quite lazy and neglected my posting for a while, after exams were over i was like BLEAHHHHHHGHHH do nothing for ages! Tonight some of my friends at school told me that they were very unhappy with me as i hadn't posted in a while, so this post is dedicated to them, they know who they are :P. So the week after exams were over it was my 17th birthday! :) and i had a party and i got lots of presents so i'll be showing you now!!

My earrings arrived! I love them so much ughh they're amazing, they have sparked a recent love for angel wings :)
My lovely friends got my some lovely eyeshadow! very very much needed!

I actually bought this myself, i havent worn it yet though..

bought these myself as well off ebay, theyre for my tragus piercing!

pretty necklace present that reminds me of the 1920's

see! love for angel wings right here - they were the last pair in sportsgirl, SO happy i found them!

again, love for wings - from really nice jewellery store Collette

finally found a ring like one of the olsen twins has in a photo im pretty sure i posted a while ago!

Tonight I went and watched my boyfriend play a gig in his band at a youth space, they played so well, im so proud of him and it was a fun night! I'm now watching P.S. I Love You and will most likely end up in tears, sigh. Tomorrow I leave for a holiday with my family, it will be freezing where i'm going so i probably wont be wearing anything toooo interesting, i'll try though!

Enjoy the week!