Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Buy Or Not To Buy

As per usual, its been a while my friends. Had a decent school holidays but they were filled with homework which was rather horrid. I had a nice holiday with my family where i bought a pair of killer boots and a nice jacket i will have to show you sometime.

Right now however I am in a dilemma.

As per below you will see pictures of the worlds most beautiful jacket by stylestalker.

It costs $259 and I want it.

But I cannot decide! Because to me that is a huge amount of money for fake leather and fake sheepskin, so my mum thinks i should pay to have a proper real one made but that will also cost probably more than this. Ugh its just so damn beautiful. I even tried it on the other day in a shop where, like my destiny, was on a hanger waiting to be discovered by me, it was the last one in the store, it was so beautiful. Sigh. I will just have to dream...for now.

Enjoy the rest of your week!