Sunday, March 25, 2012

Market Part 1: Black and Grey

So as promised in my previous post, I would show you some of my latest finds from the markets that are next door to my house every sunday. I have so much fun and everything is so amazingly cheap (most of the time) and I think I may no longer have to buy clothes from normal stores...
These are just some of the pieces I've picked up, and they are very much in the theme of Lisbeth Salanders style which I wrote about a few posts ago!

This is the coolest jacket ever, I just imagine wearing it underneath denim jackets.

I made this top a few weekends ago from a mans shirt that cost 50 cents, I just copied a picture off the internet to get the skull right.
This is one of my favourite finds so far, I got it today, this faux leather jacket cost me $10 and the oly fault is a rip in the lining. I have been looking for a jacket like this for so long!!

Can't wait for next weekend!


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  1. i love the post and i like your style dear.
    Follow e on bloglovin and i do follow you back.

  2. Omg the faux leather jacket is amazing!! $10 is sucha great deal! And I love the first grey skull tank. Great finds!!

    xoxo Ally

  3. Love the jacket, the first top !

  4. Son curiosas las fotos que cuelgas, me gustan. Un beso desde Murcia.

  5. I love the skull top! :)

    - Victoria

  6. Amazing finds! I really like the black sleeveless tee.
    xx, Micol

  7. That leather jacket is very nice! I love a good deal lol

  8. love the sweater and top in the 3rd and 4th shots!

  9. Great jacket! :)

    I invite you to

  10. Love your blog, I am your newest follower :)

    I would love you to have a look at mine and follow me back please?

  11. i so loveee your blog from the moment i saw ur finds!

    from the skull-printed a la lisbeth to the biker jacket!
    everyone loves shopping..and so good to see this post.
    been tryin to post what ive bought from time to time but
    procrastinating.. T_T

    anyhooo...lovin ur site!


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