Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lets call it "Abstract"

 These pictures are a good week and a half overdue, but better late than never right!
These are my few favourite pieces from The Dreamers event in Fremantle. It was an interesting night and I was glad to see some local talent that I had not seen before, however I found that some of the outfits were catered more to older women and therefore didn't hold any appeal for me.
Apologies for shoddy iPhone quality, so for any blurry or horribly focused picture I am using artistic license and calling them "abstract". I promise I am working on the good camera situation!

 My partner in crime Crash looking fabulous as usual.
I did not have one good photo of me from this night because I looked tired and it was windy so I chopped my head off and played around with Photoshop to make up for it. I am wearing Sportsgirl shoes and pants, David Lawrence black singlet and felt crop top made by me! You may recognise it from a few previous posts.

Nearly time for the weekend, who else is excited?


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  1. love the colors and tribal aspect to the collection! so nice! xx

  2. lovely!

    X Jenny

  3. great show!

  4. Wonderful post! I will definitely follow you. Would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

  5. You guys looked great! I can NEVER seem to get a good photo of myself when i go to an event... so frustrating! :p
    I like the neon shoes, they work so well with the drapey dresses.

  6. beautiful post girl!

    X Jenny

  7. very cool!


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