Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Things/Merry Christmas

 I haven't post in a couple of days so I thought I would show you a few new additions to my collection of clothes and accessories. 
The tie-dye shorts I bought today from the swapmeet near my house for just $2 but they would be a super simple DIY if you have an old pair of denim shorts to spare.
I made this transparent clutch myself! I just bought some plastic from Bunnings and some Poppa Fasteners from Spotlight and whipped it together following Genevas' from A Pair and a Spare really simple DIY here.
I adjusted the measurements to suit the size I wanted and had to use a hammer to smash in the Poppas'. I would have taken photos to show you all details on the process, but it was 12am and I was half asleep in my underpants.
The little silver bag inside the clutch was an awesome purchase from Typo, I walked to the counter thinking it was $15 but it had actually been reduced to $5! 
Finally the watch I am wearing was a lovely Christmas present from my beautiful boyfriend. It is a simple rose gold watch from Diva that emulates the iconic Michael Kors watch which I can't afford.

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and enjoy your time with friends and family!


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  1. supercool clutch. let's follow each other! x

  2. Cute bag, I like these but I worry that it just promotes whats in my bag and influences crime. Maybe thats just me being paranoid!
    Erica xo

  3. Lovely post :)I really like it! I just followed you :)
    would you like to follow me back via bloglovin and gfc?
    Marry Christmas!

    fashion blog

  4. love the transparent one!! xxx
    p.s I always follow back on GFC

  5. Love the idea of this clutch in theory, I think I have too much random junk in my bag for it to look good though haha.

    Follow each other? xo

  6. I LOVE THESE!!!! The clear case is alternative.

  7. Love your bag! :*

  8. love the bag!!!! kisses


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