Saturday, January 12, 2013

How do you display your jewellery?

 I remember when I was younger how I would have all my jewellery tangled up together in little drawers with no care given to how it was displayed. Yet now, seeing the photos that fellow bloggers are posting online of their jewellery collections, jewellery display has become almost an art. I now love taking care in how I display all my jewellery pieces, I find that if I am organised and am able to see everything, it means I wear everything a lot more, rather than buying something to only forget about it at the bottom of a drawer.
So here are a few of the pictures that inspire me!

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!


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  1. I hang my bangles and necklaces on a mug hanger and just keep my rings and everyday jewelry in a box on my bedside table. I should invest in better containers though ;)

    Love the photos :)


  2. cool pics. I have them in my closet on a big shelf. I have boxes that I put them on. Hangers and cute bowls..

  3. What a nice beautiful photos

  4. I'm liking some of these ideas :)


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