Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Impromptu Photoshoot

 This past weekend I stayed over at my friend/model on call for anything and everything Nikkis' house and the following morning we did a small photoshoot in her backyard. It was just for fun and a chance to practice my make-up, hair and photography skills. Although I prefer the styling side of a photoshoot I believe its important to have some experience and knowledge in all the areas associated with putting a shoot together.
 I can't remember exactly what inspired the concept for this shoot, I think I saw a photo of Cara Delevingne wearing a gold collar and my mind just took that and went off on a tangent, coming up with ideas for the crazy, mane-like hair, dark make up, and the talcum powder being thrown in the air to create the illusion of smoke (that was the hardest thing for Nikki to do while also trying to pose, resulting in many photos of her with her face screwed up from powder going up her nose or in her eyes, as well as powder going everywhere making her backyard look like a crime scene filled with drugs, WHOOPS!).

I hope you liked the photos that were my favourites from the shoot!


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  1. woah this is amazing . really talented !

    do you want to follow each other ? :) x

  2. Lovely photos




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