Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfect Match

So I'm back from my little trip away feeling very relaxed and sore from running around playing tennis, surfing and sand boarding. I was in a deseprate need to get away for a few days and now I feel rejuvinated and ready to get some things done!
To start off this week I thought I would show you another new pair of bikinis that I picked up from Myer during the sales and have been living in for the past weekend. This is not the usual style that I would normally wear but I fell in love with the colours and the print and had to have it.
I also have a few pictures from the book Bondi Style that I have been looking through lately, it has great interviews with and photos of the people of Bondi, much style inspiration to be had!

Is everyone else already looking forward to the weekend or is that just me?


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  1. love these pictures!!!! kisses

  2. LOVE your blog! would you like to follow each other? great style! Waiting for you on mine's!!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a fun vacation!! Love this bathing suit and the Bondi style book. Looks inspiring. Hope you have a good 4 day week, it's almost the weekend... ALMOST!!

  4. Love the bathing suit!! :)

  5. What a beautiful beautiful blog you've got here.

    That magazine looks utterly stunning.

    Take care! X


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