Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make Up Review: Nude by Nature Tinted Moisturiser

 At the moment I am trying to create a plan for my blog in regards to the posts, as I know once I get back to uni things will start to get a bit hectic and knowing what I am going to post and on what day will be very handy! So here is the first of a monthly make up product review that will be posted at the end of the month after a month of use (I know this should've gone up a few days ago just bear with me!)
For the month of January I trialled a tinted moisturiser by Nude by Nature. I decided that I wanted to give this product a go as I was after a tinted moisturiser that I could wear on the days that I felt like being lazy and not have to go through my usual make up routine. So far it has been very easy to use, I have found that it gives a nice even coverage, a natural glow and actually does moisturise my skin. Nude by Nature is also a great brand for those who have sensitive skin, so perfect for me!
Some issues I've had with it are that I have to ensure that it is all very well rubbed into my skin otherwise it will leave streaks across my face, it makes my face sweat more noticably (ew!) when it is very hot, and it does not conceal blemishes or redness! So in the below image I have also used a concealer underneath the moisturiser.
Out of ten I would give this product a 6.5.
If there is a particular make up product you would like me to review leave me a comment! Or let me know what your favourite product is that you think I should check out!
Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


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  1. You have beautiful, beautiful eyes! And I can't tell you're wearing anything on your skin so... I guess that's good, right?

  2. Nude by Nature BB cream is amazing! fairly similar to the tinted moisturiser but i think its a little better :)



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