Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 4

 Today was a nice morning at the markets, lots of cool clothes and nice sellers, it was also the only moment of sunshine before rain and wind ruined the potential perfect day. Today I also guided a friend from work around the markets for her first ever time, helping her haggle with prices and pick out some nice pieces. She ended up with a great haul and I think shes' now hooked with talk of her coming earlier next week!
My haul from today consisted of a really cute jumpsuit by Guess that I can't wait to wear with simple black heels and a statement ring.
 This simple and floaty leopard print dress is an awesome basic for me that I can just throw on on the days that I am feeling lazy, yet will still be able to look stylish.
These knit shorts are so perfect, the fine cable knit detail is lovely and understated, and I can just imagine pairing them with some strappy sandals and a basic white tee.
 These faux suede shorts from Mink Pink are a perfect fit and such a bargain for just $5!
I have been on the look out for a sleek white blazer for weeks now, and while this isn't completely the style I was after, it has been the white blazer I have seen without any stains on it and for just $3.50 I think I can make this work.

Next Sunday I'm thinking of doing a post that includes tips for shopping at a market, or maybe I can post a new tip each week so you will just have to keep reading!


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