Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 5

It has been cold the past couple of days so when I left my house for the markets at 5:50am this morning I was glad I had decided to wear jeans and a wooly cardigan. I do love summer, the heat and going to the beach, but I can't wait until winter, when I am able to layer my outfits I am in my element.
So last week at the markets I was purchasing pieces mainly in warmer tones like brown, however today I did just the opposite, opting for cool silver tones and trusty black. The above shorts I have a little DIY planned for so stay tuned!
This top is the perfect mix of knit and sparkle, and I look forward to wearing it with perhaps some white shorts or jeans and chunky, matte, black jewellery.
When I showed my dad this jacket he hated it thinking it was a bit too '80s. He's right but for $3 I want to make this work. I am inspired by the streetstyle photos of models off duty in their skinny black jeans, a basic tee, a large leather jacket with a colourful scarf thrown in on top.
It is hard to see the texture of these velvet leggings, but you can trust me when I say that they are the softest velvet I have ever felt.
These are the most killer shoes for just $5. I love the fur detailing and I tried them on earlier with the velvet tights and a white shirt, and they made for an awesome outfit I can't wait to wear!
Finally the little jewellery bits and pieces I picked up today, some awesome metal band rings, an unusual geometric necklace, and a bangle that the girl I bought it off said was from India.

This week also starts the first of many tips to come for when you go shopping at the markets...
Tip One: Set limits for yourself. Only take a small amount of money with you and try not to spend over a certain amount on any one item. For instance I usually only take down $30 and I try not to spend over $5 on any item, to keep it cheap for myself and to use the money at a different stall!


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