Monday, February 18, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...all black and all leather looks. Black is my favourite colour (tone?) to wear as I find that it is always flattering and easy to dress up or down. Leather is also a great texture that I am so glad has come back in fashion with full force this season, with anything and everything being made into a leather version.
Wanting...a leather cap. There are a few on eBay I have my eye on, but what is preventing me from clicking that buy button is me questioning the praticality of a leather hat. What to wear it with, would it be too hot in the heat, would it look ridiculous in the winter? What's your opinion on the matter?
Wearing...a stacked wrist. I know this trend has been around forever and is nothing new, however it is only recently that I have realised how easy it is to just throw on a couple of bracelets and be ready to go. I try to match my bracelets to my watch, depending on its colour, and also try to have one statement bracelet.
Listening to...Just give me a reason by Pink and Nate Ruess. Just an awesome song that I love to belt out in the shower or car.

Happy Monday and have a great week!


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  1. Nice post!!! Kisses

  2. Belting out Pink as I read your blog. PERFECT.
    Very sad that I missed out on the concert. :(


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