Friday, March 1, 2013

Make Up Review: Lumi Magique by L'Oreal

 This past February I trialled a new concealer and illuminator by L'Oreal. Even though I am very happy with my MAC concealer I decided to mix up my make up routine a little. 
Pros - The brush makes it crazy easy to use and when applied in the Kim K concealer way (YouTube it!) it really brightens up your face.
Cons - It isn't the best concealer, you have to layer it several times before you get full coverage (plus wait for it to dry between each layer). To get full illumination and shape your face, it is better to use it over the top of your foundation and then blend it in. If you don't wait for the concealer to dry before putting on your foundation, the concealer will shift under the foundation and you will lose coverage. It also has a tendency to crease, but once you wipe away that excess it doesn't happen again.
Overall I give the product a rating of 5/10.
If you have a recommendation for a make up product you think I should try please leave me a comment!


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