Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 6

 Today wasn't the greatest day at the markets as it's a long weekend here and many people have gone away OR went to Future Music Festival today, so there weren't as many younger people selling their clothes, however I still picked up a few cool pieces. 
I had been looking for a tiger print tank for quite a while, but was previously turned off the idea by the concept being way over done and worn by every young teen girl. However I think the trend is in its' dying days, and for $2 I think I can style this shirt in a way that isn't the usual cut-offs and Vans.
 This is my favourite purchase of the day, a pair of black jelly sandals for $5. Although I am a fan of the generic jelly sandal I am so happy I found these as I will be able to style them with more outfits in a much more dressy way.
Finally I bought these old Mink Pink Velvet leggings for $2, it was quite an impulsive purchase as I was lured in by the velvet feel, and now I am not entirely sure what to wear them with. So if you have an outfit idea let me know in the comments!

Tip Two: Younger women are usually selling the best stuff as they will have taste that is close to your own and will therefore be selling labels that you will be familiar with!


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  1. love this pants!!!!


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