Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 7

 It's a bit late in the day to be posting this as I really should be sleeping so I actually function at uni tomorrow, but I keep getting distracted, oh well... 
So today I thought the turn out at the markets would be rather dismal due to the weatherman predicting thunderstorms, however this was not the case with only a sprinkle of rain falling. There were lots of young people selling clothes which was great as there was lots of great stuff to rummage through, however a lot of it was priced a bit too high for my liking, so I ended up spending a bit more than I usually would have on a few items.
The scarf in the image above I was very lucky to score for just 50 cents! I have been wanting a scarf exactly like this for ages now and it has finally entered my life very cheaply!
 There was lots of jewellery being sold today but I had to really dig deep to find the better quality pieces. I bought the above bracelet for $3, the gem necklace for $5 and the skull pendant necklace for just $1 as it was broken but I was able to fix it immediately when I arrived home.
This is definately one of my favourite purchases today, as for years now I have been wanting to buy a black bowler hat yet my giganticly sized head has always got in the way, and finally I have found one that actually fits!
 One of my more expensive purchases today ($10 - I know its not that much, but it is in terms of the markets!) but I have been looking for a more dressy pair of black overalls and when I found them I knew I had to own them (they were in my size and everything!).
 These two pieces I bought in a bundle for $7, a pair of never worn brown jeggings and a handmade real leather skirt!
 For the past two weeks at the markets I have been seeing purple denim shorts everywhere, I contemplated buying them but always talked myself out of it because I already own so many pairs of denim shorts. But then I found these suede beauties for $4, and since suede is my favourite texture of the moment I knew I had to add these to my collection.
Finally this bag. I am not sure what to make of it at this moment, the girl said she purchased it to be used as a handbag, however it is identical to a makeup case, so I am thinking I will try and wear it as a modern-sporty-monochrome handbag/clutch. Good idea?


Tip Three: The higher the price, the more you take off it when bartering. For example if the price says $15, offer $10, however if the price is $4, offer $3, or if the seller seems nice offer $2. Try and save wherever you can!

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