Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 8

 It is so late over here it's early, damn uni assignments keeping me awake at night!
Today was a decent morning at the markets, I had good luck at the start picking up a lot of pieces for very cheap, however I bought nothing else for the rest of the morning. I don't really like those mornings because I get all excited thinking that the rest of the stalls will be as good as the first ones I visit and they never usually are!
This morning I picked up this shaggy knit vest which I am contemplating turning into something else as when I got home and tried it on, I found that it sat in a bizzare way.
 Probably my favourite purchase today was these shoes for just $5! They will be such a great winter boot that suits the whole military, jungle graphic trends that are going on right now.
 As always I find a few pieces of unique jewellery, steadily expanding my forever growing collection. Note to self: Sell stuff I don't wear anymore...
Finally this beautifully coloured snakeskin print blouse, I'm thinking of teaming it with a silky pair of shorts and some sterling silver jewellery...


Tip Four: Always carry one (even two!) environmental bags that expand from the tiny carry cases to hold your purchases!

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