Monday, March 4, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired casual wear. With uni going back today I am finding that I am trying to put together casual outfits to wear all day and yet still look fashionable. That's why I love the below image as the leather pants and cardigan are statement pieces, yet I can imagine staying comfortable in a simple pair of dressy tights, and the oversized cardigan and loose singlet mean that I won't feel constricted all day.
Wanting...a pair of white platforms. I know that white shoes are somewhat impratical as they will get dirty easily, however I think they would make a great statement piece to an outfit that is mostly dark shades like the one below. backpacks. I've given up on using a tote bag for my uni books because of the strain on my shoulders, so this year I have opted for a backpack. I think the leather look is always very cool and the black or brown is always going to match any outfit.
Listening to...I Come Apart by A$AP Rocky featuring Florence Welch. Although I don't usually listen to rap, it is Florences' part in this song that makes my ears melt.


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  1. Love the outfit with the army jacket and the long grey sweater. Super cool! And I'm CRAZY about that brown leather backpack. Hardly anyone wears backpacks these days...much less in a luxe material like leather. I'm pretty sure you'll start an instant trend. (Wish I had thought of that in my college days!)


  2. really cool backpacks <3

  3. Nice pics!Great selection!
    Do you want follow eachother?

    I wait for you fo a new MANICURE POST!
    Kisses from Rome



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