Monday, March 11, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired by...beautiful artworks. Being back at uni has meant that I have had to go back to researching different art styles in order to find inspiration for my projects. However not only is is influencing my work, but also the way I dress, with images like the one below making me want to inject more colour into my looks.
Wanting...the perfect orange/red lip colour. I have never been a red lipstick wearer, nor that of a bright orange, however seeing a mix between these two colours everywhere recently has inspired me to give it a try. new denim/leather jacket from Sportsgirl. I've been wanting a jacket in this style for so long and I have finally found the perfect one, with the slight acid wash of the denim making this jacket even more amazing.
Listening to...Good ol' Fall Out Boy. With the release of their new song, and it being catchy as hell, I've been inspired to go back to my 13 year old selfs' music and give their songs another listen.
I nearly forgot to do this post tonight, been so busy with a project at uni, plus technology is hating on me right now!


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  1. Nice post!
    I wait for you soon , do you want to follow eachother?
    kISSES Federica from Rome!


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