Monday, March 25, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired photography. Doing a photography unit at uni has forced me to really take notice of how a photograph has been constructed, its subject, the lighting, the colour, everything. I particularly love the image below, having a soft spot for beach photography, I get lost looking into the horizon seeing the ocean blend into the sky and the beautiful softness that is captured in the skirt.
Wanting...a fashionable leather harness. I don't want it to look too BDSM-y, rather wanting a really cool, unique piece that would be interesting to layer over a basic top and under a structured jacket, giving a bit more edge to my outfit. extensive collection of beanies (and slouchy berets that are tucked away in a drawer). Cooler weather is forecast this week here in Perth and this gives me a chance to bring out my old beanies, the perfect solutions to bad hair days, and the easier way of bringing in colour to my stereotypical all black winter outfits.
Listening to...old My Chemical Romance. They are one of my absolute favourite bands of all time and I am so sad to hear that they have broken up, so this week I will have their albums on repeat and a box of tissues close by as I cry about the fact I never got to see them live.
Have a great week!


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