Thursday, April 25, 2013

Country and Western

 Another trend that I am anticipating for Summer is Western, and I don't mean flannel check shirts, I'm thinking tassels, leather, ponchos and buckles. I've been thinking this recently as I seem to keep finding or receiving western style items, my black vest I bought at an opshop, the poncho was given to me as a gift from my nan, the necklace was from City Beach, the belt I bought at the markets, and the metal shoe buckles my dad found when cleaning out his closet.
I never used to like the western trend when it would come into fashion, as the flannel shirts would always remind me of a typical Australian bogan (google it). However after seeing some very cool western style accessories recently (like that awesome UNIF concho hat) I have been converted!

Apologies for not being as consistent as usual with what I am posting, I have been working on some really big uni projects that I can't wait to share with you soon!


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  1. I like the western look. It reminds me so much of being outdoors and enjoying a nice horseback ride off into the sun set.


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