Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part Ten and Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter everyone!
Apologies for not putting up my usual Friday post, I have spent this long weekend with my family and loved having some time off from uni and everything. 
There were hardly any people down at the markets this morning becuase it is a holiday after all, but I still managed to buy one item, the above skirt for $2. It does look quite awful right now but I have an idea for altering it that I can't wait to do and show you guys!
To fill this post up with some more visuals I've decided to do the cliche thing of posting easter-related fashion photos, however now I am trying to work out if I would be able to pull off an oversized, contorted, ear like headband....

Hope you all had a safe long weekend!


Tip Six: Always check the weather the day before the markets because if it is forecast to be pouring down with rain you're not going to find much!

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