Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part Twelve

 This morning was dreary outside, it was still pitch black, an indication I am too obsessed with the markets and that winter is coming, and it was sprinkling with rain. I didn't think that there would be a very good turn out today, however there were plenty of sellers just not as many selling clothes, but I still managed to find a few very cool pieces.
Above are the sunglasses I bought today, the leopard print on the top left for $4, the clear green pair on the top right for $5, and the orange reflective pair for $2. I hadn't bought sunglasses at the markets before, and today was the first day I found myself actually looking since I have been on the hunt for a cool pair of leopard print ones.
 This real leather skirt was $3 and is DIY bound, I plan on hacking up the bottom and layering over another skirt to create an asymmetrical look.
 I really liked the cut out details on the arms of this jumper I bought for $2, and think it will look really cool with my leather shorts.
 I am always expanding my jewllery collection and also think I have a slight addiction. The ring on the left was $2, the ring on the right $1, the silver chainlink bracelet was an old Mimco one which I scored for $5, and the turquoise bracelet was $3.
These were the bangles I was talking about in last weeks market haul post. After watching Lynn Dell videos on YouTube, and the Sex and the City movie I have been inspired to be more "out there" with my fashion choices, to go with bold colours and statement accessories.


Tip Eight: It was so dark this morning I could hardly see anything, but I saw a few people walking around with torches. That to me shows you're a hardcore market goer and I personally would feel so self conscious and invasive, so my suggestion is to subtley whip out the torch app on your phone when you are looking through boxes. OR, if you are selling, have a lamp so people can see your stuff clearly!

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  1. i liked that sweater. so cute


  2. beautiful sunnies! :*



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