Monday, April 29, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...Casual Outfits. I've been working hard on uni projects last week so am currently feeling a bit drained, and my outfits seem to get more casual and comfier as the days go on to reflect that. So I have been taking inspiration from off duty models and their basic outfits, and am trying to emulate casual cool instead of casual slob.
Wanting...Thigh high boots. I remember this look being very on trend a few years ago however felt that it was quite "stripper-esque", yet gradually have changed my mind, thinking that a pair of black thigh highs would look really cool over basic black stockings and a colourful shift dress.
Wearing...Pattern. I want to break up my routine of outfits made up of basic block colours (or plain black and white) with some bold prints and patterns.
Listening to...Remixes. I've been following a very cool YouTube channel majesticcasual for a couple of weeks and have been consistantly supplied with some awesome remixes of already great songs.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Beautiful! I want some big jeans like those too!



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