Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...Lynn Dell, an amazing, extravagant woman. I've been watching some YouTube videos of her this week talking about her style and how she believes people should dress for today.
Wanting...coloured hair. I've dyed my balayage hot pink before however I am again feeling the need to go a crazy new colour like electric blue or crimson red.
Wearing...my new boots from Sportsgirl. I have wanted a pair of shoes in this style for months now, always admiring the Jeffery Campbell pair that were out of my price range, luckily Sportsgirl have come to my rescue creating their own version!
Listening to...one of my favourite bands from a few years ago, Mayday Parade. I've been really missing their sound and it has been a nice change from the mainstream Top 40 tunes I've been listening to recently.
Happy Monday! (It's past midnight here so technically it's Tuesday, however I'm thinking of it still as Monday night, so technically I wasn't late posting this)


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