Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 15

 Yesterday was an awesome day at the markets with lots of really cool girls selling lots of vintage pieces for good prices, those are the best days!
I picked up the above vintage dress for $4, it has a really cool mystic sort of pattern when you look at it close up. Its quite short (it probably used to be a top) so I will probably have to wear a slip underneath.
 I bought these two tops for $2 each, and as you probably know I really like oversized tops, so I think these will be really cool to wear with a pair of cut offs or a long maxi skirt and lots of long necklaces.
 I bought these real leather pants for just $2 after being inspired by a friend of mine at work who also recently bought a vintage pair.
 I've been wanting a fur jacket for a while now and thought I would give it a go with this burgundy one I bought for $1. Laid out like this it does look like something an old lady would wear with her matching velvet tracksuit pants, however I will try to make it work with some of my darker, sheer pieces in my wardrobe.
 I was so happy to find these pants as I had been wanting a pair like this for so long, I bought them for $5 which is probably more than I would have usually paid for an item like this, but I think they will look really cool in a sports luxe outfit.
 This mustard vinatge dress was $2 and needs a bit of work with the lining and shoulder pads that are falling out, however I think it will look cool with my shaggy black cardigan or a pair of jelly sandals!
Finally a few more rings to add to my colletion, they were all $2 each and I have already begun wearing them all stacked up together.


Tip Eleven: Always check an item over for imperfections before you buy it! Particularly if it is a knit, make sure there aren't any holes, pulled or loose threads because you will come home to try it on only to be disappointed!

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