Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 16

 Yesterday there was very few people selling at the markets, it was Mothers Day so I am hoping that people were instead treating their deserving mothers to a beautiful and relaxing day! I still had a quick wander around while my mum was still asleep to see if I could find anything and the only luck I had was on this really cute playsuit which I picked up for $5. Otherwise, there was not too much else to really look at! 
I put together a little idea of how I would wear the playsuit out in future as right now the weather is freezing and I would probably catch frostbite if I wore this! I'll just have to wait for summer again...

Tip Twelve: Avoid awkwardness between the seller and yourself by going with a friend so you have someone else to talk to while looking through another persons belongings!

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