Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Todays' Photoshoot

 For a photography assignment I had to pick a genre of photography and produce 5 images, of course I picked fashion and really wanted to a high fashion, studio shoot, something different from my usual on location photoshoots.
I had the massive privilege today of being able to work with the designs of Elisha Quintal, the brains and creativity behind the Perth based label The Butcher and The Crow. Check out her website here.

Still in the editing stages and narrowing down the 1000-something images I took, but I had to put together some of my favourites to show you all! Also a huge thank you to my lovely model Rachel for being so willing to let me abuse her hair!


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  1. Love your Hair!!! Kisses

  2. O wow... The first photograph is a piece of art, girl. Fairy flower. Intense!

  3. Fabulous Pics and fabulous selection of Western Dresses for Girls.. Loved it..! :) XoXo

  4. You looked fab in this Western dresses of your..I love your Fashion Boutique!!!

  5. Awesome collection of outfits and designer footwear.. Loved it..!

  6. How could you become so hot dear..I love to Send Flowers online to you!!!

  7. Looking so hot..please tell me what is the secret behind your such beautiful it Healthy Organic Food or what???..


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