Thursday, June 13, 2013

April/May on Instagram

 Top Left - Rings I wore to work, Top Right - New tie-dye jeans, Bottom Right - Wearing my 10 year old cousins shoes while she wears mine, Bottom Left - My hair thanks to my 10 year old cousin
 Top Left - I had to suit up for a uni presentation, Top Right - Bottom Left - planning outfits for a photoshoot
 Top Left - New watch I bought online, Top Right - Behind the scenes on a uni photoshoot, Bottom Right - My outfit at a toga party I went to, Bottom Left - Another behind the scenes
Top Left - New necklace from the markets, Top Right - Bottom Left - BTS on another uni shoot.

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  1. nice pictures!!!! kisses

  2. Your 10 year old cousin might be a genius!


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