Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 19

 As some of you may have noticed last week I didn't post a market haul because simply I didn't buy anything last week! Many people I know have started to think that I have a shopping addiction, which I can't blame them for because my wardrobe is huge, HOWEVER, I do have some self control and don't just buy everything that I see, especially at the markets because if I'm not sure about something yet buy it anyway, that means that I've wasted my money when I could've bought something else that I really loved.
So the above PU leather skirt cost only $3, I think it's a little long for my short height so I am thinking of cutting off some of the extra length, but I think this could look really cool with dark purple top or something!
 I'm a sucker for cuff bangles because I can easily adjust them to fit my tiny wrists! This one cost only $2.
Finally this vintage white dress was $3, it is fitting not quite right at the moment, however I am planning to actually go to the gym on my university break to try and lose a little bit of weight so when I go travelling at the end of this year in American and Europe I can stack it on again without feeling so bad!


Tip Fifteen: Inspired by earlier point, don't buy anything you aren't sure of, especially if it needs a bit of DIY love because I can't count the number of clothes that are in my DIY To Do pile at the moment! (BTW I will try to show you all my DIY projects over this semester break!

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  1. great buys! love the skirt!
    - B


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